Mobile/Web Apps

Software Applications for Web, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows or Mac OS X. We use the latest web-based technologies to deliver innovative multi-platform, mobile friendly & desktop enhanced software applications. Everything from static marketing landing pages to 'blogs to accessible content management systems to mobile apps, we enable your ideas online.

You’ve got everything you need if you know how to write apps using the most modern web standards to write amazing apps for the iPhone today,” he said.  ”We think we’ve got a very sweet story for you. You can begin building your iPhone apps today.

- Steve Jobs / Apple (2007)

I believe he was right. Maybe a little ahead of his time. Today the mobile APP market is fragmented. You have to make an app for 3-4 platforms now. 1 app for the web, 1 app for windows, 1 app for Mac OS X, 1 app for iOS and 1 app for Android. This is ludicrous. If the app requires internet access then why not just create 1 app on the web and make it work on every patform with 1 swift motion? 

No more doubling or quadrupling your costs to develop 2-4+ native softtware applications for each major platform. Save money on development & maintenance.