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portland mobile developerIn 2007, when the iPhone was first released, there were no apps available from 3rd parties. Apple had not yet allowed anyone to make apps for the iPhone. When Steve Jobs was asked if Apple will allow others to develop apps for the iPhone, his response was based on a clear vision of the near future. He said that anyone can create apps for the iPhone as a web based service, The cross-platform developer in me told me this was the best way. I became a web developer so I can create applications that work on all systems. I really like the idea of creating apps that sit on a server, latest version is available to every device.

Well, non-native apps were not good enough for most. Most people did not see it. Most wanted to create native iphone apps that run locally. and do not require an internet connection.
Well, Steve Jobs was right. Welcome to the Post-PC era. You now need to create a mobile version of your web site for mobile devices.
A mobile strategy is more important than ever.
In case you have not noticed, we are in a post-PC era. This means that instead of buying/using personal computers (desktops, notebooks)  people are buying and using phones and tablets, instead.
What does this mean to your business? It means that your mobile strategy is now a high priority.
By the end of 2013 it is estimated that 80% of all web site traffic will be from a mobile device. The level is already at 50% just since 2010.
In the recent past, having a mobile web site was optional and the audience was small enough that the issue did not even register with most business owners.
That has now changed drastically.
We recommend focusing on your mobile strategy primarily.  The term that applies here is "Mobile First". This term was coined by Luke Wroblewski. Check out his site at And here is a link to his 2009 article Mobile First
Our mobile strategy is very easy: Everything we develop from this point forward will be based on the Mobile First.

This means that if you hire us to develop your web site, it will be mobile-optimized by default.